Wayne County Worker Wednesday: Sam Haddad
NAME: Sam Haddad
DEPARTMENT: Health, Veterans, and Community Wellness
PROJECT MANAGER: Eddie N. Fakhoury

"Sam Haddad has been with Wayne County for nearly 23 years. His role over these years has changed but his passion to serve the county has not. Currently he leads a team of six in the area of informatics for the Department of Health, Veterans, and Community Wellness (HVCW). He and his team support the department to ensure that the thousands of at-risk youth and the dozens of Wayne County community partners who work with HVCW are provided the highest quality of care and service every day. He is also currently working on innovative projects that will help the department increase efficiencies through automation and technological improvements for both the staff and the residents. Sam is a vital team player within HVCW and we want to thank him for his continued passion to serve Wayne County and all that he does to help our team."

--Eddie N. Fakhoury