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Major Drug Unit

The Major Drug Unit (MDU) prosecutes cases involving large quantities of controlled substances (primarily cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and other dangerous drugs) and the organizations that control narcotics operations. The prosecutors work closely with federal, state and city law enforcement agencies investigating high-level narcotics traffickers. MDU assistant prosecutors oversee these cases from beginning to end.

These cases not only involve large quantities of narcotics, but also enormous amounts of cash and dangerous weaponry. The defendants in these cases are usually leaders or high-ranking members of these complex and organized criminal enterprises.


How can I report narcotics activity in my neighborhood?

In Detroit, call (313) 224-DOPE. Outside Detroit call or report in person to the local police department.
What if I complain and there is no immediate action from law enforcement?
Continue to call and complain. Enforcement personnel, however, may already be working on the situation, which could include surveillance, investigation and possibly undercover police work.
Are narcotics complaints or narcotics "tips" anonymous?
Yes. Your identity is always secure.
If I see narcotics activity in my neighborhood should I handle the situation personally?
No. Narcotics activity can be extremely dangerous. Please leave the situation to the law enforcement officers.
Do MDU prosecuting attorneys take complaints on narcotic activity?
No. All complaints or tips about narcotic activity must go through your local police department. The MDU prosecutors will not take complaints or tips unless first processed through the local police.
Do I have to call my local police? Is there any other agency I can contact?
You may call any other police agency with a tip or complaint, including federal agents (FBI, DEA, ATF, Border Patrol), state agents (Michigan State Police) as well as your local police. Keep in mind that the larger the agency, the more likely the longer the response time to your complaint.