Wayne County Treasurer's Office partnered with community organizations for Customer Assistance Day

Wayne County Treasurer's Office partners with DTE Energy, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency and the City of Detroit Water and Sewage Department for Customer Assistance Day.

Wednesday April 10, 2019- The Wayne County Treasurer's Office (WCTO) partnered with community organizations to host Customer Assistance Day at Eastern Market Shed 3 in Detroit. This event provided community members with information about utility payment plans, home energy consultations, energy-saving information, taxpayer assistance and other services available to Michigan residents. The WCTO staff was available on-site to assist taxpayers with property taxes and to provide information on available payment plans.

In attendance at the event was Eugene Thomas from Farmington Hills, MI. He owns property in Detroit, and he said WCTO staff were courteous and polite.

"The program was outstanding. The people were very friendly, very accommodating. I'd never thought I would be the one to find myself in a situation where my property taxes were behind. My property had been forfeited, but as soon as I found out, I came down here to talk to the representatives. They were able to work out a payment plan, so that the property was saved and everything was good," Thomas said. "First things first, pay your taxes on time, second thing, if you get behind, don't delay. Talk to the people at the county."

Brenda Jacklyn Reddick is a resident of Detroit. She attended Customer Assistance Day and was extremely satisfied with the quality of service.

"I think it is a great program. I was taken care of really quick. I didn't have to wait in a long line. I had a good experience. I came to the Customer Assistance Day to check on my taxes and to get a statement. I am a year and a half behind on my taxes. My husband had a heart attack and I just had surgery, so we didn't have any money. We went down to the Wayne County Treasurer's Office and they worked with us," said Reddick. "I was able to get on a payment plan. The process was very easy. The payment plan has been beneficial because if I didn't have the payment plan, I probably would have lost my home. It gave my family security, and it gave me a chance to make up what I had lost. I think that the WCTO is doing a great job."

Jennifer Graham also met with the Wayne County Treasurer's Office. She was very pleased with the information received.

"I heard about Customer Assistance Day on Fox 2, my favorite news outlet in Detroit. I came to gain more information. I'm a new homeowner. I was gifted a house from a friend through the grace of God. I prayed and asked for a house and I got it. However, I didn't have any money, and the house is delinquent with three years of back taxes and was in foreclosure, so I figured a customer assistance day was exactly what I needed," explained Graham. "I appreciate the WCTO being so patient with people. They give people a lot of time. They're not trying to take people's houses. They want people to be homeowners in the City of Detroit and all of Wayne County."

The community organizations in attendance at the event included the Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD), Social Security Administration, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, THAW (The Heat and Warmth Fund), among others. In total, over 20 additional companies, charitable and governmental organizations set up tables at the event to inform the community about the services they have available.

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