Wayne County Treasurer's Office Second Annual Community Leaders Workshop

More than 200 Metro Detroit area community leaders gather for Wayne County Treasurer's Leadership Workshop to help reduce foreclosures.

Wayne County Treasurer Eric R. Sabree on Thursday, May 30, 2019 hosted more than 200 people at the second annual Community Leaders Workshop to explain the foreclosure avoidance process and assistance programs designed to help taxpayers avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes in 2019.

"In Wayne County there are 14 municipalities with no foreclosures at all," Treasurer Eric R. Sabree told the group attending the panel breakfast discussion. "We do not want to foreclose on anyone's home but under state law there will be some who are foreclosed. Our goal is zero foreclosures and we're going to keep working at it until foreclosures are a thing of the past in Wayne County."

The panelists also included Alvin Horhn, City of Detroit Assessor, Willie C. Donwell, Chairman of the Property Assessment Review Board, Shama Mounzer of the Wayne Metro Community Action Agency and Linda Smith, Executive Director of U-Snap-Bac. The program held at the Riverside Marina building in Detroit was moderated by Tarence Wheeler. Numerous other municipal treasurers, mayors, commission representatives and faith based leaders were in attendance along with people seeking help to avoid foreclosure.