Phoenix Mill Purchase and Development Agreement
Executed Purchase and Development Agreement between Wayne County and Critical Mass, LLC for the sale and redevelopment of Phoenix Mills as well as an addendum detailing "a mutual desire to preserve and celebrate the cultural and architectural historic significance" of Phoenix Mills.

Development Agreement

Development Agreement Addendum


Hines Park Mill Run Placemaking Project Executive Summary + Framework Plan
Wayne County, in partnership with local cities, townships, and other stakeholders, is exploring opportunities to invest in a place-based development program that will enhance the County's natural and cultural assets in and around Hines Park and the Middle Rouge River. This document lays out the broad plan and vision for this project.

Executive Summary + Framework Plan

Iron Belle Trail Continuation Project Hines Park Connector Framework Plan
The focus of the Framework Plan reaches from Northville to Dearborn and will link with Detroit. The Project aims to improve existing nonmotorized facilities and foster a more integrated bicycle network across Southeast Michigan by creating new connections to neighborhoods, downtowns, and other parks.

Iron Belle Trail Continuation Framework Plan

Mill Run Frequently Asked Questions
This document attempts to provided answers to the thoughtful questions we've received from residents and stakeholders.


Transmittal Letter
Letter from the County Executive's Office submitting the Phoenix Mill Purchase and Development Agreement to the County Commission for their consideration and approval.

Transmittal Letter

Proposed Wilcox Mill Redevelopment Renderings
Design renderings of the Wilcox Mill redevelopment plan proposed by Tony Roko and the Art Foundation. This plan will require approval by the Wayne County Commission and local authorities in Plymouth before sale and redevelopment agreements would be executed.

Design Renderings


Wayne County Parks Strategic Master Plan (2017-2022)

Master Plan


Wayne County Commission Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes (9/11/2018)
Agenda, meeting minutes, and supporting documents from the Sept. 11, 2018 Wayne County Commission Committee of Economic Development meeting where the Phoenix Mill sale to Critical Mass, LLC was recommended for approval.

Meeting Minutes

Wayne County Commsision Meeting Minutes (9/20/2018)
Meeting minutes from the Sept. 20, 2018 Wayne County Commission meeting where Phoenix Mill sale to Critical Mass was unanimously approved by a 15-0 vote.

Meeting Minutes

Wayne County Commsision Meeting Minutes (10/4/2018)
Meeting minutes from the Oct. 4 2018 Wayne County Commission meeting where Phoenix Mill development agreement addendum was unanimously approved by a 13-0 vote, with Commissioners Varga and Davis not present because of excused abscenses.

Meeting Minutes


The Henry Ford Heritage Association
"We have spoken to representatives at the Wayne County Economic Development Department and we feel fully confident that the Executive's Office is putting the proper deed restrictions and purchase and development agreements in place to protect the buidings in perpetuity, give access to the surrounding land, and to add educational and interpretive elements into the rehabilitation of the mills."

Henry Ford Heritage Association Letter

Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise
"The Phoenix Mill site has been an underused and unattractive site in the Plymouth Community for decades. The opportunity to rehablitate and repurpose Phoenix Mill into a community asset and destination spot is an exciting opportunity for all of us. I have personally reviewed the proposal submitted by Critical Mass LLC and believe it will be a welcome addition to the Hines Park corridor, Plymouth Township, and all of us in Western Wayne County."

Heise letter

MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership
"The proposed purchase of the Phoenix Mill represents an innovative, adaptive reuse of one of Henry Ford's original Village Industry facilities. The MotorCities National Heriage Area Partnership Inc. is offering its full support to endeavors related to the redevelopment and programming of this site."

MotorCities letter


Deed Transfer
Documents transfering deeds of ownership of the mills from Ford Motor Company to the Wayne County Road Commission.

Deed Transfer

Ford Valve Plant: National Register of Historic Places Application
This 1995 registration form submitted to the National Register of Historic Places documents the history and significance of the Ford Valve Plant at Phoenix Mill.

Ford Valve Plant