Joe DeBerry: March Volunteer of the Month

Joe DeBerry has been a volunteer in Inkster at the Twin Towers Meals on Wheels site for 18 years, and unless he feels the Spirit telling him it's time to make a change, he plans to keep on doing what he has been doing; helping people who need help.

"Everybody come and go. I'm still standing. I've done this 18 years non-stop," said DeBerry.

When asked about his age, DeBerry says he is "in his 70s," but won't get any more specific than that.

"Joe has been and is a special life line for Twin Towers for 18 years," said Fannie Hicklen, the site manager.

DeBerry starts his day at 6:30-7 a.m. every weekday, Monday through Friday. He sets up the dining room prior to meal time, and makes sure the bags on the table all contain the proper items. Then, once mealtime is over, DeBerry helps clean everything once everyone is gone.

DeBerry is also responsible for sanitizing the work area and lifting all of the heavy items that need lifting, and he remembers everything that should be ordered from the food distributor. He also makes sure to place the order.

DeBerry said it was "the Man Upstairs" who led him to get involved in Meals On Wheels because "They (the seniors) were here before I was. I'm supposed to help those less fortunate."

"I want to make sure they have a hot meal and be well taken care of. Why should they suffer?" he said.

"Every day has a purpose, and my purpose is to take care of them. I'm doing His will. Always look up to the Heavens to find your destiny. So when you find your purpose you'll know where it came from; the Heavenly Father. 'Cause he knows your purpose."