The Wayne County Treasurer's office is committed to excellent customer service. We are here to serve taxpayers with respect, efficiency, and professionalism. We want you to have a positive experience as you conduct your business with the Wayne County Treasurer's Office.

Wayne County Treasurer
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Foreclosure Statistics

State of Michigan Foreclosure Statistics
Michigan Department of Treasury State-Wide Real Property Tax Forfeiture and Foreclosure Statistics:

2005 - 2011 2012 - 2018

Wayne County Foreclosure Statistics

2019 and 2018 Foreclosure Comparison Statistics 2019 Foreclosure Statistics by Municipality

Right of Refusal
Parcels Taken in 2019 Right of Refusal

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  • ADMINISTRATION - Provide overall department management and direction.

  • COUNTY FUNDS - Manage and operate automated Cash and Investment Concentration Programs [CICP] providing daily cash tracking and reconciliations, reporting account funds, Investment Management System, and Interest Allocation.

  • INVESTMENTS - Invests all County funds in order to maximize yield, while judiciously protecting the safety and security of those funds.

  • TRUST FUNDS - Custodian of funds held in trust.

  • TAXES - Enforces general property tax laws and collects delinquent taxes on all Real and Personal Property within the County. For further information, please contact 313-224-5990.

  • CERTIFICATION - Certifies tax searches, deeds, plats and other instruments of title.


The Wayne County Treasurer, under the authority of the State of Michigan, participates in the Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund Program, which is an alternate method of collecting delinquent property taxes. All communities and school districts participate under the Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund program. Under the Michigan Public Act 246 of 2003, the City of Detroit began participating with tax year 2003. The program has proven beneficial to all participants.