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Wayne County Jobs

Wayne County Department of Personnel and Human Resources is always looking for talented people to fill open positions. We seek individuals that are driven to succeed and demonstrate a commitment to public service.
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Locate a Public Health Center

Wayne County provides public health services at several locations throughout the county. Services include immunizations, dental care, maternal and infant support, STD testing, and insurance eligibility services.
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Mental Health Services

The County provides mental health services for adults and children through the Detroit-Wayne County Mental Health Agency. Mental health services include support for those with mental disabilities and substance abuse issues.
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Locate a Park or Golf Course

Wayne County operates 12 parks and two public golf courses including Hines Park which stretches from Dearborn Heights west to Northville. Our parks offer a variety of recreation activities for children and families.
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Locate a Wayne County Court

Wayne County operates the Michigan 3rd Circuit Court located at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit. There are several other district courts in Wayne County and a branch of the Michigan Court of Appeals.
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Report Suspected Criminal Activity

If you see a crime in progress, please call your local police department immediately. If you suspect that criminal activity is taking place in your neighborhood but it is not emergency, you can send a complaint to the Wayne County Sheriff.


Locate a Wayne County Jail

Wayne County operates three main jail facilities located in Detroit and Hamtramck. If you are trying to locate a particular inmate, you can also search for inmate information.
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Locate a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

The Wayne County Sheriff operates in several facilities across the county including Detroit (Administration), Taylor (Training), Westland (Roads), and Trenton (Marine and Westfield Activity Center).
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Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (MFPP)

The Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (MFPP) is a free program designed to help Wayne County residents in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Our award-winning program has helped thousands of residents stay in their homes.


Homebuyer Assistance Program

Working with National Faith Homebuyers, the Homebuyer Assistance Program provides financial and educational assistance to purchase and maintain their home, including first-time homebuyers.
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Birth / Death Certificates

The Wayne County Clerk maintains birth records and processes death certificates for all cities in Wayne County with the exception of Detroit. Birth and death certificates can be obtained online, in person, or by written request to the Clerk’s office.
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Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are processed through the Wayne County Clerk. Marriage licenses can be obtained in person at one of three Clerk offices in downtown Detroit, Westland, and Northville. The Clerk’s office also performs wedding ceremonies.
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Concealed Weapons Permits

Concealed Weapons Permits are processed through the Wayne County Sheriff and Clerk. All permit applicants must complete a background check, including fingerprints and provide proof of firearm safety training.
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Picnic Permits & Reservations

Picnic Permits and Reservations for events at Wayne County-operated parks are processed by the Parks Division of the Department of Public Services. Reservations for the following spring and summer season begin in the fall.
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Property and Land Transactions

The Wayne County Register of Deeds handles all types of land transactions including land contracts, mortgages, liens, and lease agreements. Search our database for all public records related to land ownership and transactions.
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Property Taxes

The Wayne County Treasurer is in charge of all financial transactions related to county property tax collection (real and personal property). You can pay your taxes online, by mail, or in person.
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Contact My Commissioner

Wayne County has 15 Commissioners representing different parts of the county. The chief role of the commission is to adopt a budget and enact ordinances. All Commission meetings are open to the public.
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Notary Public

The Wayne County Clerk operates a Notary Public, certified by the Michigan Notary Public Commission. Notary Publics can attest to the authenticity of a person's signature, to administer oaths, to take affidavits, and validate other legal documents.
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Other Educational Programs / MSU Extension

The Cooperative Extension Services Agency (CESA), also known as the Michigan State University Extension, provides educational services on nutrition, parenting, building strong families, financial literacy, 4-H mentoring, and nature.
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Community Development Programs

Wayne County allocates funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) including Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds, HOME program funds and Community Development Block Grants.
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Services for Senior Citizens & Veterans

The Department of Senior Citizen Services & Veterans Affairs provides food and nutrition services to seniors and veterans including Meals on Wheels. Other services include counseling and recreational activities.
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Homeland Security & Emergency Management

The Wayne County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management provides emergency response preparedness training and acts to coordinate all emergency response resources and agencies in the event of a major disaster.
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