Wayne County Public Health Investigates Southgate Banquet Hall Event with Five COVID-19 Cases
Outreach and enforcement to be conducted at local conference centers and banquet halls

WAYNE COUNTY - The Wayne County Public Health Division has confirmed a total of five cases of COVID-19 linked to a wedding reception held on Saturday, July 18, at Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall in Southgate. Others may have been at risk of contracting and exposing others to COVID-19 as more than 100 individuals were in attendance for the indoor reception.

Attendees of the reception at the Crystal Gardens are encouraged to call the Wayne County Health Division at 734-727-7078 to report their contacts, get tested by a healthcare provider as soon as possible, and self-quarantine at home as directed.

Wayne County's communicable disease team is conducting a full case investigation and tracing for the confirmed cases as well as reaching out to attendees of the event for potential cases. The confirmed positive individuals have been instructed to self-isolate until cleared by public health in accordance with CDC guidance.

The Wayne County Health Division is additionally sending out notifications to all Wayne County banquet halls, reaffirming the rules of the Governor's Executive Order 2020-110 and increasing inspections at banquet halls and other large venues, including after-hours and weekends, to confirm compliance with the Executive Order.

"The safety and protection of Wayne County residents is our top priority," said Carol Austerberry, Wayne County Health Officer. "Businesses must be intentional about following the rules to limit the spread of COVID-19 and save lives."

On June 1, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, issued Executive Order 2020-110 which outlines rules on gatherings, performances and events. This order limits attendance to no more than 10 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. This event was in direct violation of the order, with an attendance exceeding the imposed limit for the number of people indoors.

The Wayne County Public Health Division reminds the public the importance of following all public health orders, social distancing, wearing masks, proper hand washing, not going to events with large crowds, and staying home when ill.

For more information and updates on Wayne County's COVID-19 response please visit or call 2-1-1 or (734) 287-7078.