Personnel/Human Resources


The Mission of the Department of Personnel/Human Resources is to acquire and retain the right talent through the development of effective 21st Century HR Solutions focused on engaging, educating and empowering internal and external stakeholders.



The Department of Human Resources ensures positions in County Government are filled by the most qualified, capable and committed employees available and to develop a environment that is able to effectively support both internal and external stakeholders.

Wayne County P/HR provides many services through its six (6) Divisions.


Talent Management Division

  • Examinations:  Conducts examinations and recruits applicants in order to fill vacant positions.
  • Classifications:  Allocates employment positions; reviews reclassification requests and appeals; maintains and publishes the pay plan.
  • Certification:  Fills vacant positions from job applicant eligibility lists and processes employee transactions such as transfers and promotions.


Data-Informatics/Strategic Business Division

  • Provides organizational development (OD) through position & compensation  development and organizational  effectiveness (OE) by providing tools, information and analysis that drives data-driven decision making, strategy and employee performance.


Labor & Employee Relations Division

  • Responsible for negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) with Wayne County employee organizations, provides CBA interpretation, grievance administration, EEO compliance and investigation processing.


Employee Engagement Division

  • Provides organizational development (OD) through training and performance management, as well as, employee engagement through effective, 2-way, communication methods that focus on workplace engagement, education and empowerment.


Administration Division

  • Responsible for employee records, HRIS upkeep and timekeeping functions.  Applies wage and salary provisions of collective bargaining agreements; records personnel transactions; and assists other  departments with personnel matters.


Civil Service Commission

  • Made up of a three-member body appointed by the CEO and governed by the Civil Service Rules, the Civil Service Commission hears employee appeals of examinations and certain disciplinary matters.



Commitment Statements



Customer Service

  •  We will be considerate of the employees' needs as we provide an accurate and timely response to their request in a respectful, courteous and professional manner.



  •  We will exhibit professionalism through our attire and language in the work environment.



  •  We will accept ownership by assigning, monitoring and ensuring that tasks are accomplished with urgency and accuracy.



  •  We will deliver information in a detailed format that uses plain language and is delivered in a method aligned to the intended outcome and perception.



  •  We will consistently do the right thing- even when it's hard.

The Department of Personnel/Human Resources' office hours are Monday- Friday  8:00am to 4:30pm.

Steve Mahlin
Director of Personnel/Human Resources
(313) 224-5901

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