The Accounting Division performs the central accounting services for Wayne County, including the preparation and maintenance of the general ledger, all bi-weekly payroll records and year end financial statements.


The Budget Division's primary responsibility is to prepare and recommend to the County Executive a comprehensive budget for the County. This division ensures that enacted appropriations are implemented and comply with allotment schedules. Furthermore, this division monitors departmental spending, ensures that appropriations are not exceeded and enforces the budget policies of the County.



The Purchasing Division is responsible for the management and coordination of the acquisition of goods and services, including requisition processing, commodity code tracking, and bid specifications. This division also maintains the County mailroom and stockroom functions.



The Division of Assessment and Equalization is responsible for the reporting of assessment and tax related data to each city and township within the County for the purpose of equalization of assessments and the apportionment of property as required by the General Property Tax Law and other related statutes.


The Division of Grants Management/Accounts Receivable. The grants management function maintains inception-to-date information on grants and contracts, produces specialized reports and supports complex cost allocation routines. The accounts receivable function creates bills, creates receivables, recognize revenues and processes cash receipts. Within this function is the financial services unit. This unit was established to maximize the collection of reimbursement dollars as ordered by the Probate/Juvenile Division of the County.

The Division of Cash Management/Accounts Payable. The cash management division assist in the management of debt, including tracking bond issues, computing amortization schedules, and making payments to bond agents. The accounts payable primary function is to establish an accounts payable record and make timely payments to vendors. This includes the timing of payments to maximize interest earned or discounts taken.

The Division of Risk Management is responsible for the management of workers' compensation, and property and casualty programs. This division also coordinates required reporting to state and federal agencies as it relates to self insurance, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Association [MIOSHA], and workers' compensation.


The Department of Environment Finance Division is a satellite management and budget office located within the Department of Environment's administrative offices. Services provided on site include: accounts receivable billings and collections, purchasing support, budget oversight, assistance with accounts payable, including debt and grant-related construction activity and preparation of sewers and drains financial statements.


The Department of Public Services Finance Division is a management and budget service center for six divisions of the Department of Public Services; administration, buildings, equipment, engineering, parks and roads. This satellite office provides the following services in an efficient and timely manner: accounts receivable billings, cost accounting, budgeting and purchasing. Additionally, this division provides the timekeeping function for the employees of the department.


The Mental Health Finance Division is charged with ensuring that there are adequate and appropriate financial policies and practices in place and in operation to monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Agency's managed care plan. This includes the design and collection of any and all Service Provider financial data the division deems necessary and integral to that goal; including analyses, reconciliations, and interpretation of data for compliance with financial standards and benchmarks. The Satellite office also provides technical assistance and guidance to other Agency divisions, Service Providers, the Board of Directors, County Divisions, and other third parties on financial process and reporting matters.



The Department of Children and Family Services Finance Division is a management and budget service center for the divisions of the Department of Children and Family Services. This satellite office provides the following services in an efficient and timely manner: accounts receivable billings and collections, budget oversight, purchasing support, assistance with accounts payable and preparation of financial statements.

The Benefits and Disability Administration Division manages all functions related to the administration of employee and retiree health plans (including COBRA administration), life insurance, wellness programs, employee assistance program(EAP) and tuition reimbursment Additionally, the division manages leaves of absences (including those under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); workers' compensation and non-work related disability claims under the County's Long-Term Disability plan; return to work programs; and job accomodation request evaluations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


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