Report a Possible Breach of Consent Agreement

Wayne County must comply with the requirements of the Consent Agreement. We need your help to ensure compliance with the Consent Agreement.

If you are a County elected or appointed official, County employee, agent, or contractor, please promptly let the Wayne County Executive know If you have any knowledge or information of any action or omission that could be considered, or that could lead to, a failure to comply with or breach the Consent Agreement or be a violation of State or Federal law with respect to a matter relating to the Consent Agreement, including:

  • The Open Meetings Act
  • 1976 PA 267
  • The Uniform Budget and Accounting Act
  • 1968 PA 2
  • The Emergency Municipal Loan Act
  • 1980 PA 243

To provide notice of a possible breach please complete the below form. Upon a successful submission of the form, you will receive a message acknowledging your submission has been received. All submissions will be properly recorded and the appropriate steps will then be taken to examine the possible violation. Only if it is determined to be necessary, will someone contact you to discuss the contents of your submission.  It is possible you will never be contacted, but know your diligence was truly appreciated.


  Breach of Consent Agreement Form

Please Note: In as much detail as you have available, please explain the possible Consent Agreement violation and attach any supporting documentation you feel is necessary to support information provided.

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Director of Management & Budget
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