Welcome to the Wayne United homepage. We are excited to celebrate and promote the diversity that powers Wayne County's 43 communities.

Ranked 19th in population in the United States with 1.7 million people, Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan.

It also serves as one of the most diverse communities in the entire nation. Wayne County is home to large African American, Hispanic, Asian and Arab populations, as well as home to communities with a strong German, Polish and Irish presence. It also has a large concentration of immigrants and refugees.

My Administration has always valued this county's rich diversity. Embracing diversity has given us the varied perspectives we need to solve our most pressing problems. I take pride walking into a meeting and seeing people of all races, genders, colors, religions, and creeds dedicated to making this county a better place. In Wayne County, we believe that America is great only when all feel welcome, when all feel valued, and when all feel like they have a role to play in the success of the American experiment.

Diversity is our strength. It is an asset - culturally, socially and economically - that should be celebrated. The strongest Wayne County is one based on inclusion and a plurality of cultures, people and perspectives. Diversity has left an indelible mark on our past and continues to define who we are today and it contributes directly to our quality of life. Diversity has dividends. Wayne County has benefitted from it for generations. So under the banner of Wayne United, we're going to work toward building a more inclusive community with the other great organizations already working in this space.


Warren C. Evans
Wayne County Executive

About Wayne United


Wayne United is an initiative launched by the Wayne County Executive's office to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the County. The initiative will develop a strategic plan to foster a welcoming environment where all residents can thrive. It will increase awareness and convene a community-wide dialogue through collaboration between community, civic and business partners that informs Wayne County's public service.


To create an environment that fosters equity, diversity and inclusion by promoting awareness equality and respect throughout Wayne County's 43 communities.

Program Director: Zaineb A. Hussein, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Zaineb Hussein is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Wayne County. In this role Zaineb is responsible for cultivating and creating an environment of diversity and inclusiveness throughout Wayne County. She is the program Director for Wayne United.

Zaineb previously served as Chairperson of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services's Equal Opportunity Diversity Inclusion Advisory Committee (EODIAC) by MDHHS director and former Michigan Chief Justice Maura D. Corrigan. In that role, Zaineb reviewed and monitored the department's progress toward the attainment of equal opportunity and diversity goals. Zaineb advised the director on how to eliminate barriers to equal opportunity within MDHHS. She made thoughtful recommendations for improvements and advocated for speedy implementation. Zaineb also advised MDHHS on the development of goals and objectives for carrying out equal opportunity policies, including recommending actions to improve staff relations. Zaineb provided ongoing information to department employees regarding equal opportunity and diversity.

Zaineb is committed to instilling a culture of service in the next generation of leaders. She mentors high school and college students on how to constructively engage in civic matters and contribute to their communities. She empowers them to get involved in activities such as volunteering, food drives, homeless food boxes, cleaning local parks, campaign organizing, and knocking on doors to collect signatures while also helping them to reach academic and professional goals.