Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans: Adminstration Accomplishments

Fiscal Responsibility
  • Delivered to Commission a third-straight projected budget surplus for FY 2017-18.
  • Achieved investment grade bond rating from Wall Street ratings agency Fitch.
  • Released from Consent Agreement with State of Michigan after just 14 months.
  • Restructured employee and retiree health care to eliminate over $1 billion in unfunded obligations.
  • Balanced Wayne County’s budget in first year in office, eliminating a $52 million structural deficit and $82 million accumulated deficit.
  • Negotiated new, fiscally-responsible collective bargaining agreements with 12 of 13 County unions.

Operational Efficiencies 

  • Consolidated multiple departments into the streamlined Dept. of Health, Veterans, and Community Wellness to improve access to health care for Wayne County residents.
  • Signed contract with Correct Care Solutions (CCS) in order to oversee and improve the quality of care provided in jail health services.
  • Implementing new eProcurement system to create more cost-effective, transparent contracting.

Economic Development

  • Leveraged infrastructure investments in Livonia and Romulus to attract two new Amazon distribution facilities expected to create more than 2,000 new jobs.
  • Completed infrastructure improvements to Sheldon Road to help attract Fuyao–China’s largest automotive glass manufacturer— to Plymouth, which will bring with it a $66 million investment and more than 500 jobs.
  • Sponsor and host for annual Manufacturing Day events to encourage interest in next generation manufacturing careers among Wayne County students.
  • Provided $106,000 grant to install 160 LED streetlights along the revitalized Avenue of Fashion and University Commons neighborhoods in Northwest Detroit in 2015.
  • Partnered with local charities to donate rehabbed homes to local families in need.


  • Invested $30 million toward 16 capital improvement projects on Wayne County’s roads and bridges benefitting 21 communities in 2016.
  • Invested $4,489,640 in 88 pieces of new, longer-lasting equipment for Wayne County Roads Division.
  • Completed work on the Jefferson Ave. Bascule Bridge and reopened it to traffic on August 12, 2016.
  • Initiated partnership with Canton Township to complete $5 million capital improvement project.
  • Accepted $207,500 from a $1,741,667 MDEQ Grant to the Alliance of Rouge Communities for storm water management activities throughout the Rouge River watershed.

Access to Health Care

  • Conducted 19,000 primary care visits at two federally-qualified health clinics in Wayne and Hamtramck, including 2,900 outreach visits in 2015 and 2016.
  • Opened dental suite at Wayne Health Center in partnership with University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry.
  • Increased immunizations administered by clinics by 17% in 2016.
  • Obtained Medical Examiner accreditation from the National Association of Medical Examiners. Wayne County is just one of 87 medical examiners nationally to be accredited.
  • Increased small business enrollment in Wayne County Health Choice by 23% in 2016.
  • Implemented “No Wrong Door” policy for health and wellness services to ensure residents receive complete care.

Community Support

  • Worked collaboratively with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to identify an additional $1 million annually to fund testing and investigation of the rape kit backlog.
  • Partnered with First Ladies from faith institutions across Wayne County to raise funds to assist with testing and investigating the rape kit backlog.
  • Worked with Wayne County Council for the Arts, History, and Humanities to arrange the donation of the Afro-American Sports Hall of Fame and Gallery collection to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History and hosted event honoring pioneering African-American athletes.
  • Established partnership with Black Family Development to provide career training and job placement assistance for at-risk youth
  • Initiated Wayne County’s participation in the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program to provide job opportunities to promising young people.

Homeland Security Emergency Management

  • Used a $4 million federal grant to purchase equipment and conduct training exercise to test effectiveness of communications across the U.S. and Canadian borders for first responders
  • Trained more than 400 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers
  • Passed a FEMA evaluated drill for Medical Services Response for Radiological Incidents (MS-1)
  • Passed FEMA federal safety drill.

Recreation Department

  • Upgraded facilities at Hines Park, Nankin Mills, and Elizabeth Park.
  • Partnered with Motor City Mountain Biking Association to implement two trails in Hines Park.
  • Participated in the DIA’s Inside Out program that brings high quality reproductions of masterpieces to outdoor venues throughout metro Detroit.
  • Contracted for Elizabeth Park Shoreline Restoration and Greenway Project.
  • Contracted for Parks long term planning process to steer park development over the next ten years.


County Executive:

  • 2017 Forward Motion Award for Most Effective Public Servant, Transportation Riders United
  • 2017 Chairman’s Pinnacle Award, Congressional Black Caucus Michigan Delegation
  • 2016 Leadership & Legacy Award, African American Leadership Awards
  • 2016 County Executive of the Year, National Organization of Black County Officials

Members of the Administration:

  • Michigan Chronicle Women of Excellence Award Genelle Allen
  • Michigan Chronicle Women of Excellence Award Dr. Shawny DeBerry
  • Michigan Chronicle Men of Excellence Award Rev. Greg Roberts
  • Crain’s 40 under 40 Tony Saunders
Warren C. Evans
Wayne County Executive
(313) 224-0286

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